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 we are now offering the chance to add a special activity day to your tour.

Go riding through the mountains on a


Come and experience some of the most challenging and beautiful mountains in the world.
Riding a bike here will be like nothing you have ever experienced.



I have been riding in these mountains for many years and I still can not believe what we see and get up to!!

Sometimes I just stop and look at the view in awe!! Knowing that very few people have or will ever experience it.

It can be extremely difficult but at the same time breathtakingly beautiful.

we go on various different rides into the marble mines where the new James Bond film was filmed up to hell gate Valley where one of the toughest Enduro in the world is held

 All level of riders can be accommodated for but the groups must come with equal level of riding abilities

but really this type of Touraine is for people with experience

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We only do small groups of 5 to 6 people max for 1 to 4 days Riding so all the riders get the maximum fun possible

latest News

Small change on the way we are going to run in the future
we will now be operating for people who bring their own bikes
and people who are ready for some extreme riding

We will have a couple of bites kicking around
as backups just in case of failure
The reason is this is because I want to attract more extreme RIDERS and not worry about the preparation of the bikes



It will not be possible for your family to stay at the house if we are booked up with bikers

but if you are a small group and we have space no problem or we can also arrange a very nice apartment just walking distance from us

We also have Horse riding into the mountains and Mountain bike riding or cycling around the city.